Origin Story

What drew me to acupuncture? I’ve told this story before, and will tell it again, and it’s always half joking. In the 3rd grade, I had this amazing teacher who was a 5th or 6th degree black belt in a style of karate, and was the first person to get me to try kimchi and tofu.
She described acupuncturists as being able to tell what was causing pain, and that pain in one place could be caused by something wrong somewhere else. It was this idea that stuck with me, because I was afraid she would be able to tell that my upset stomach was due to the fact that I hadn’t done my homework.

That always seemed kind of wizardly, and I’ve always gravitated toward unusual and uncanny things. Now I know for sure: it’s entirely possible to tell with pulse diagnosis, but no one checked my pulse then, so my secret was safe!

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