Now that we’re a week into our second year of acupuncture as a business, I’ve got a little bonus for every third patient (besides the third “Well”) after their treatment. They’ll get to take home one of three herbal products, on the house!

What are the choices, you ask? So glad you asked!

Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian/Wan: One of the main herbs in this is “Jin Yin Hua”, literally means “gold silver flower”, is honeysuckle. Many people find this formula works great for relieving colds with sore throats and feeling feverish! Best taken at the first hint of symptoms, immediately followed by rest.

Jing Wan Hong (Ching Wan Hung): This stuff is amazing! Really soothes the sensation of a mild to moderate burn. I’ve used it on burns while cooking, on sunburns, and when let the moxa burn a little too hot! One of the main herbs in here is “Bo He,” which is field mint, and has a very distinctive odor, and is very cooling. It has a consistency similar to a sesame paste, and some of the smell, too. Put a glob of it on, wait for it to cool down.

Yunnan Baiyao: Martial arts practitioners? This one might be for you! Yunnan (province) “white medicine,” one of the main herbs in here is San Qi (Panax notoginseng), and is great at helping with bleeding. I keep a box of these in my backpack, just in case I have another bicycle related injury, by taking two immediately to help with the physical trauma and the emotional shock. For something more local, like a small wound, pop one of the capsules open and apply the powder to the wounded area. Works great for bruises, too, if mixed with rice wine, and applied topically!

Call and schedule soon, March is only so long, and supplies are limited!


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