Herbs in Spring

Welcome to April! Hope your Spring Equinox was peaceful and optimistic and April Fools Day more entertaining than disappointing!
I’m busy putting raw herbs into jars. The ones already in jars here are Dang Shen[1], a Qi tonic (frequently used as an acceptable and affordable substitute for Ginseng), and Dang Gui[2], a Blood tonic (used in many of gynecological formulas).
Both of these show up in the formula Ba Zhen Tang[3], which is great for, well, you probably already guessed it, but… Qi and Blood Deficiency!
Which would manifest with symptoms like low energy, difficulty concentrating, or, for people with (pharmaceutically) unregulated menstrual cycles, late, short, or scanty menses.
Let me know which herb you think smells the strongest!
[1]: 党参, dǎng shēn, Codonopsis radix
[2]: 当归, dāng guī, Angelica radix
[3]: 八珍汤, bā zhēn tāng, “Eight Treasure Decoction”

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