May News


In a few days is Jedi Day (May the 4th be with you!), and a couple days after that, summer begins according to the Chinese solar/lunar calendar.

What does that mean?

That means we’re currently in the tail end of the Wood element (relating to the Liver), but revisiting Earth (Spleen). So if you’ve found yourself mood with more difficult digestion than normal, well, there’s a pretty good chance you’re feeling the seasonal shift.

What about summer?

Summer is associated with Fire (Heart), and it’s also still a Fire year. This summer could be particularly warm, and it will be important to take it easy and stay cool during the hottest parts of the day (especially if you’re used to how cool San Francisco is). Cool but not cold drinks, and lighter lunchtime meals (skipping dairy, alcohol, and spicy flavored food). This will also be an exceptional time to work on matters relating to the Heart, emotional or physical, because the Heart will be enjoying all that extra Fire.

While living in China, there was a a sprouted meng bean and rice porridge drink available in the mornings during the warmer months, as the rice is nourishing, and the meng beans are good for clearing summer heat. They were delicious! Also, another snack you might use to keep cool? Watermelon, maybe even a little bit of the white of the rind, to help cool you off further.

Other things going on? A limited time deal, and a scheduling change.

I’m changing what days I see patients on. Sunday and Monday have seemed less than beneficial to everyone, and the more people I get to help find their balance and health, the happier I will be. What days will you be able to visit? Thursdays and Friday afternoons, starting on the 18th.

To celebrate the change, initial visits will be half off, and follow ups $20 off starting on the 18th, through the end of June. Schedule your appointment soon, call 415-857-5082! (also, please leave a message if I’m unable to answer the phone, part time job conflicts with answering phone calls).

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