May News

In a few days is Jedi Day (May the 4th be with you!), and a couple days after that, summer begins according to the Chinese solar/lunar calendar. What does that mean? That means we’re currently in the tail end of the Wood element (relating to the Liver), but revisiting Earth (Spleen). So if you’ve found yourself […]


Now that we’re a week into our second year of acupuncture as a business, I’ve got a little bonus for every third patient (besides the third “Well”) after their treatment. They’ll get to take home one of three herbal products, on the house! What are the choices, you ask? So glad you asked! Yin Qiao […]

All about training

I’ve got a pet peeve. It’s actually pretty large. I had a patient who was on an herbal formula that contained Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia Radix preparata), common name “Chinese foxglove”. After taking the formula to her western doctor, her western doctor probably saw “foxglove” and thought “Foxglove is digitalis! This could slow your heart!” […]